I’ve told myself over and over that I will not procrastinate anymore…that this time I will get everything done in a timely fashion, yada yada yada…so much for that!  While in the middle of writing a cultural stereotype research paper on Medieval Total War 2: Kingdoms I have realized that after this semester I will more than likely never want to touch another video game for at least three months!!  It is an interesting topic, looking into the perceived notions game developers have, or lack, of various cultures and how they try to merge them into their game content, but my brain is saying STOP!!

But while I may be procrastinating the last two to three pages of this paper, I may as well comment on some of the sources!

Firstly, Patrick Porter has a very interesting article about the conceptions of studying war in his article Good Anthropology, Bad History: The Cultural Turn in Studying War, which was presented in the Parameters in US Army War College Quarterly in 2007.  I recommend it for anyone interested in how culture may or may not affect the military strategies of modern-day warfare.

There is also Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media: A Pedagogical Discussion and Demonstration by Paul Martin Lester from California State University, which is vastly interesting in how students and people in general interpret images, sounds, and other various sense stimulation that may or may not perpetuate stereotypes.

Next we have an article review by Edward Said of The Clash of Civilizations which was written by Samuel Huntington, titled The Clash of Ignorance.  Very stimulating read!

Now that I have officially wasted a bit of time to get my thoughts in order, and shared a tad bit of scholarly works that may stimulate the stimulated, I bid you a farewell and goodnight!!!

Always Yours 😉 –Jessica–

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