Sins on A Good Friday

Signature of writer Edgar Allan Poe.
Image via Wikipedia

Well what a title…I was just reading Edgar Allen Poe quotes on, which happens to be a website chock full of random inspiration for me, and this was the first thing I wrote down.  Might as well run with it I suppose.

Hmmm, but which sins to discuss?  There are some interesting ones, but not any that I would share with the wide internet world…sorry folk, propriety is appreciated sometimes you know! :):):)

It also happens to be Earth Day…so Happy Day to our Earth!!! I’m sorry we abuse you, mistreat and confuse you, neglect and refuse you, but we do love this little place called Earth.  Despite our negativity to you, I hope one day we can live in harmony with you once again!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Good Friday this year.  I am!  I made cottage cheese hotcakes with my mister tonight, and topped them with sugar-free Red Raspberry jam: delicious!!!! 🙂  Goofing off in the kitchen is always the best way to spend an evening, especially when in the company of such a handsome man as I happen to enjoy seeing!!  Speaking of this handsome man, he made a silly remark.  Mind you I am sitting in comfy clothes, my dark hair braided, with my glasses on, writing a paper for Absolutism in Europe class wrapped in a red and white crocheted blanket when he tells me “You will be a hot old lady!”.  Now, if I havent been surprised by random silly comments before, I am now!!! Mind you the sentiment was adorable, and the laugh welcome, but now I have been officially outdone tonight in randomness awards!!! The award goes to my lovely companion!!! 🙂 All of this happened after we listened to some Pete Frampton on!!!

I think stream of thought writing can be quite productive.  It is also a great way to refine writing, how the rhythm of your words flow…I don’t know, and you do not at all have to agree with my sentiments!!

“Filled with mingled cream and amber I will drain that glass again.  Such hilarious visions clamber through the chambers of my brain.  Quaintest thoughts–queerest fancies come to life and fade away; who cares how time advances?  I am drinking ale today!”

-Edgar Allen Poe

I believe it is this quote that not only led me to my title page (because the thought of drinking ale on Good Friday piqued my deviousness:)), as well as the urge to stream of thought compose.  I hope you enjoyed tonight’s ramblings, and wish you all the best for the night, as well as the weekend!!!


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