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Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and spent the day eating good food and having great family conversations!!! I know I did!

I was checking my e-mail this morning and had received one from my dad.  We both subscribe to Higher Awareness The Inner Journey articles about spirituality and growth, and sometimes my dad sends me ones he thinks really hit what is going on with the family and each of the siblings.  Very thoughtful I think!! Anyways, here is the article from today that he sent me, which I think hits the spot for a lot of people.  I know with graduation coming up, hopefully gaining my first BIG-GIRL-JOB lol, loans, and of course being a broke college student with no idea where to go after spending the last 15 some years as a student I tend to think ‘poor me’ too.  That said here it is:

“What Wants to Change?”

“The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.”

Theodore Rubin

Our lives really begin to change when we learn to shift our perspective on ‘problems.’

From the spiritual perspective, problems offer our best path to growth. Like it or not, pain gets our attention. Pain also challenges the ego’s perception that it is in complete control of life. This opens the door for soul’s guidance.

If we want to be rid of the pain, we must do the work that leads us to greater consciousness. Paradoxically, we can only get rid of the pain by moving through it.

The next time you feel “poor me,” stop and ask, “What needs to change? What does my soul want me to learn?”

“No one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

— Source Unknown”

If you are interested in these weekly/daily inspirational e-mails here is a link for you:

This puts into perspective that sometimes things are just put in your way to help you, even if it seems as though that is not the case.  Another way to think of life a bit brighter!!!

Well, more later ladies and gentlemen, off to class on the French Absolutism I go!!!

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