The Mighty

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Its storming out…apparently it has rained 54 of the last 60 days….I kinda like the rain. I like the lushness of the landscape, the scent of dew and ozone with the lightning, the gusts of wind chasing each twig and branch around like a cat after a mouse. If it were a little warmer I would be outside, enjoying the gusts and droplets pounding the soil. Nothing better than feeling the wet earth under your feet and the wind…as though it would carry you off to somewhere new and special.

It can also be destructive in its beauty. Many a writer has spent hours upon hours writing prose about the weather…and I guess it’s because no matter how much science you put to it, the beauty, the awe, is still so captivating despite having logical and scientifically reasons behind each beautiful strike of lightning.

I hope it storms all night tonight, with gushes of lightning…we need a good spring storm…

Yes…this is all for tonight…I promise more to come since my writing has slacked off…but I would rather go get inspired by the rain right now….chous!

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