When the Earth …


When the Earth is still and quiet, you can almost sense another presence around you. It is almost spring in Ohio, the flowers and trees blooming even though there will still be one more frost. I look forward to the storms, the lightening and thunder. I crave the torrent of rain like an addict. It is almost spirit freeing, that kind of rain. It takes your breath away and silences you into submission. When it stops, you almost cry because the storm is such a beautiful force. I love good weather, happy weather, but I love the storms more. The raging wind  carries to you smells that you try to recognize. Otherworldly almost.

It is not storming today, so I am not sure why I decided to write of them. Maybe because it is getting colder this week, and it makes me miss the promise of Spring. Either way, it is on my mind today. Sitting quietly at work makes me think of random things. The sun is actually shinning this morning, casting the glare on the hood of my car while driving on the highway. In Ohio, the sun was strong and soaked into your skin the past couple of weeks, but it is to be getting colder this week. Typical last snow before it actually warms up. I don’t particularly like being cold, but I search for the subtle beauty in each phase of the year.

What is your favorite part of the year? Which season, what weather, makes you happy? Sad? What condition makes you the most reflective?


Miss 305

2 thoughts on “When the Earth …

  1. In Perth, when the heat drags on and on and there’s no rain and everything is gasping and plants are dying (with the extended drought, parts of ancient forests are dying now) and this summer was the hottest on record with heatwaves even up till early this month, I long for *real* Autumn – which we don’t get anymore. So I wait for winter with its subtle colours, sometimes rain, and then the astonishing Spring with the wildflowers. If we don’t get enough rain, there won’t be a good wildflower season which is really sad.
    I love you waiting for Spring. Here, Spring is lovely, except it means summer is coming. I dread the summers here….

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