Tranquility in Darkness

Most people believe that darkness is oppressing, depressing, an evil or vile thing. Many crave the sunshine and light that chases away the shadows lurking around. Darkness is not always evil, or oppressing, not always something to runaway from. Afterall you sleep in the dark, and most people don’t shun that darkness but seek it.

I find that sometimes the darkness offers a tranquility that the buzzing activity of light obscures. It always you to look inside, to listen harder, to sniff the air and use the other senses that are dulled by our eyes. Darkness is not always negative, but relaxing. I had always wondered why the negative is the first conclusion when expressing a view, and must admit that sometimes I am guilty of this too.

Maybe sitting in the darkened room is what spurned this random, jumbled post, but who knows. I know that I look forward to the darkness of each day, the twilight of each morning, right when the world settles down and is just not yet awake. The peaceful hours right after everyone has come home and the sun sets, or right before the sun rises.

(Stream of thought today, I apologize, as my mind is a bit bungled today. Almost Friday!)

In some areas the world comes alive in darkness, more motion and activity. I like to get away from the activity of so many people, the darkness and twilight afford this to me. I believe it is why I could never live for a long time in a huge city, and know that I will always seek a home right on the verge of a city, but not too close. I need the space, the air, the freedom acreage provides for self-reflection and just personal quiet time and privacy.

The way our society now lacks the privacy that is needed to not only cultivate yourself, but also your family, relationships, ect.Once again I do apologize for the jumbled mess my thoughts are today, I place the blame on lack of sleep and my anxiety for the weekend to hurry up and get here!

More later when my creative mojo wakes up…more hot chocolate please!

5 thoughts on “Tranquility in Darkness

  1. Darkness is when I am at my most creative. The darkness in daytme shadows enhance light and shapes. Darkness is half of the dapples ona path beneath trees, on tree trunks under leaves. Darkness is inside us and beyond the sky where the stars gleam. Darkness is rarely negative in my world. After all, my cat is a darkness on the carpet – a soft furry purry darkness 🙂

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