Personal Writings

What is your opinion about posting personal writings such as poetry and short stories? I know it is silly, but I am afraid not of criticism, of theft…please share your ideas!! I am interested in your opinions!

4 thoughts on “Personal Writings

  1. It’s a chance we take. I’ve had some of my stuff “stolen”–if you wanna call it that; it’s a hurtful feeling. I mean, our words are like our babies, we nuture them, birth them, and, although we don’t mind others looking, or making comments about our precious offspring, we definitely would get pissed if someone kidnaped our child! Yet, this is writing we’re talking about, not actual children. So, it depends on how much you want to share with the world. Most things that I plan to publish, I don’t share online. Simple as that. And for reputable companies to submit to, check out Writer’s Market or Poetry Market; they’re very good sources. Really, nothing is really new. We can regenerate an idea, add upon what has already been spoken, give it our own unique voice; but almost everything has been said or done at least once before.

  2. Dunno. Depends what you want to do with the piece. If you think you want to do something commercial, don’t post – it apparently counts as publication. If that’s not what you want for the piece, & you just want to feedback or share in ther ‘creative commons’, go for it 🙂

  3. Criticism is what I utterly detest. I think we should appreciate everyone. It gives them courage and they get better with the writings next time. 🙂 I would definately look forward to read your personal writings. Good luck with the pen!

    “Anyone can make a mistake: a little too much of this, a little too little of that.” – Anonymous

    That’s all I had to say!

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