B is for Bravery

Bravery is not just for knights fighting dragons, or soldiers being deployed. Bravery can get you through any situation. Singing karaoke, be brave enough to stand up to that mike and give it all you got! Moving to a new place not knowing anyone? Be brave enough to go out and meet new faces and new areas around you!

People get stuck thinking that to be brave it includes violence, or criticism. Yes, there are those that will give you criticism, and you might even cry (inside or out) from the cruel words of a cynic, but you do not always have to meet these things. Sometimes it is as simple as standing up for what you believe, or standing up for yourself, even when its standing up against your negative thoughts.

I force myself to be brave each day, pinning back the negative thoughts that encroach my morning haze, making sure that I try my best to stand up against my worst critic: myself. I am so mean, negative, cruel, and harsh to myself, making myself lose determination and faith in things that I really love or strive to do.

Bravery is what is needed, is what can push you through to the end even when you don’t want to.

So try it, try to be brave no matter how big or small the situation may be. Sometimes, it a small moment of clarity after being brave that makes you think “Yes, I can do this”, even if a person, or that little voice, is shouting no!

Even Mighty Mouse was small!

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