Word of the Day

I greatly enjoy word of the day by dictonary.com! There is something fun about exploring new words and expanding your vocabulary, searching for different words that mean the same thing, or the opposite, it’s an adventure through language! I believe that all my high school English teachers would have loved to hear me say this about 7 years ago, but alas age does bring wisdom!

Today’s word of the day is agley. Agley: \uh-GLEE\, adjective; 1. off the right line; awry; wrong. The origin of Agley comes from the Middle English word glien meaning “a squint”, as in “to look at sideways”. This is a fun word! It is fun to say A-G-L-E-Y, uh-GLEE! Plus I enjoy finding words that mean “wrong”, though the origin makes me think about how squint turned into wrong.

I assume it is because squinting can make you see things incorrectly, making the assumption of what you’re seeing wrong. Though I do belive I will also start using the word glien, because I do like to look at things sideways for a fun perspective on shapes! 😀

Anyone else enjoy words of the day?

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