Complexities of Words

As if you were a tiny delicate flower I nurture you. Filling you up with love, compassion, some patience too. Waiting, watching for you to bloom into a beautiful thing that you are. Oh what a joy you are to me, each syllable, vowel a doorway to a new world. Taking me far away into such diverse realms that take you to exotic, dangerous, beautiful, crazy, creepy places. Such simple, almost insignificant things words, that the tiniest tweak can completely change the meaning from one to the other.

Words. They create worlds, religions, species, planets, galaxies. The infinite combination of words can create such beauty, and such hate. A word for every aim, a phrase for each sensation. They may be difficult to cultivate in just the right way, like a stubborn orchid that refuses to bend to your will. Yet with a bit of coaxing, a stroke of the pen, a click of the keys, and they can bloom under your careful hands.

Such beauty, such love, caressing through your lips the way lovers embrace one another. Yet turning dark, black, cruel. Lashing out with such broiling rage until drawing blood from the most gentle of creatures. Careening and clashing one over the other, until all that is left is the destruction caused by a simple adjective. Creating conflict and disorder, igniting a fire in the passionate hearts of those who disagree, encouraging stubbornness and pride.

I find it humorous that words are thrown about so willy nilly without a care in the world. I know that I have even been a villain in this sense and thrown jumbled thoughts into the world without enabling that careful filter between brain and mouth (or writing utensil). I believe that I am improving, becoming more conscious of the words that I choose. I try to stop and think before I write or speak, checking the tone, the wording, making sure that I reach the intended phrase for the intended audience. I love words, and the complexities of putting together the perfect turn of phrase.

What are your favorite words? Phrases? There is beauty even in the darkest of phrases, a simplicity in the complex paragraphs. A game is found in searching for words, an intellectual race in finding the most absurd, the funniest, the down right naughtiest words of all!

2 thoughts on “Complexities of Words

  1. Thanks for the mention :). My favourite word is ‘discombobulated’…. I cant use it when I write because it brings back memories of an old friend and I using the word in humerous circumstances…..I cant take this word seriously anymore!

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