The Art of Positive Thinking

Lately I have followed this blog by Sweet Mother, if you havent read it, go read it! It is a hilarious blog that actually makes you think about your own situations at times. It’s akin to a life lesson laced with humor crack. Yes I like using the phrase “humor crack”, I am hoping that it will catch on, or to use it as a title to a book, though my humor is usually off kilter and very random.

The art of thought

Anyways, I was reading the post about shrimp, nasty things I now realize, and Sweet Mother struck a chord with me today. SM said that becoming a successful writer is a very hard process, that it mostly has to do with luck, and only 1 part hard work. Which is true. I have written for over 10 years and feel like it is not good enough to share, let alone make any sort of living off of it! But it struck me because I have played with the idea of freelance writing. Over the last two years I have been really fine tuning my work, and I know that when I actually have a solid hour for nothing but writing I can do frehkin good, so why not try to make a living out of it? If only I were born about 30 some years ago this would probably be a bit easier. Oh well.
Now yes I know that the market is flooded with writers and the artsy type, and yes I know that it may be more hard work than it is actually worth, but just think about it. Writing for a living. Taking the brick that is my laptop (Thank you ASUS) to where ever the mood strikes me, writing and perfecting a piece until it shines like the Golden Egg from a goose. This would be actually meaningful work instead of the dead end call center and customer service jobs that I recently have had to work.
Now I am still going to be a trooper and put out my resume and dangle myself over the word wide web like a juicy little fish hoping someone is willing to give a girl a break, but my optimism is not that high. I mean, I know that I am really good at writing, especially when I put in the effort for it, but soemtimes the hope gets sucked out of me until I am as dry as dried fruit.
I find that I am more positive on the weekends, mostly because I am not forced to go back to my job on Saturday so it lets the light in. Some of these people are so good at forcing you to realize you are meant for a low of the low job that it makes you almost give in. But then I look at certain people and think to myself “No, no your not going to beat me no matter how hard you try”. In the meantime I will also work on the theory that positive thinking works and think everyday that I WILL GET THAT JOB and hope it comes true with a little harder blogging and writing. 😀
So what do you think all? Some feedback on the freelance life would be interesting and much appreciated!!

5 thoughts on “The Art of Positive Thinking

  1. i second that, keep on keepin’ on and do not let them beat you down. it often seems as if the whole world wants to…but, if you look around here on wp, you’ll find a lot of people who feel just the opposite, they want you to succeed. i am among that group. 😉 xo, sm

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