A Daddy’s Girl



It goes without saying,

no words needed.

This bond cannot be broken,

our walls cannot be taken.

Father and daughter, this unbreakable bond

Ups, downs, sideways, anyway around.

My fighter, my model, that guiding light.

The strength at my back when the wind gets forceful,

the unbendable will when my knees get weak.

A safe harbor, a place to call home,

the one who understands this wanderer soul.

Complete understanding,

utter bafflement.

Together, forever

Father and Daughter.

4 thoughts on “A Daddy’s Girl

  1. Your father loves you very much. You will always be his baby girl. He knows that your life with Michael will be a good one, but you know he will always be there for you. I do believe he will be the one missing you more.


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