Another fun little word, apotropaic. It is pronounced \ap-uh-truh-PEY-ik\. I always have fun figuring out the pronunciation of new words, especially if it is totally foreign to my vocabulary. Such as apotropaic. It means “intending to ward off evil” (Websters Dictonary.com). Apotropaic came into common usage in the 1880s. It comes from the Greek word apotrópai meaning “averting evil.”

Now I think this little adjective can be used in a variety of ways. Such as “I used the garlic apotropaically against that nasty bloodsucker.” Yes, silly vampires, you will be warded off!!

Eh, just a fun short post, have fun with your word of the day! 😀


In an older kind of fairy story, the magic of the flowers would be potent but unspecified, vaguely apotropaic.

— Anthony Burgess, J.G. Ballard, “Introduction,” The Best Short Stories of J.G. Ballard

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