D is for Distinctive

I do apologize for the late post on this one, as I had been sick and slept through my posting hours! 😀

Thats right, be yourself! 😀

There are many inspirational words that start with ‘D’. Determined, discipline, duty, devotion, desire, dream, drive, ect. It took me some time to nail down a ‘d’ word to use for todays inspirational Alphabet post, discarding words left and right for fear of being to cliché or wishy-washy. No one really likes to read the washed up cliché posts that are ALL OVER  the internet. I want to be more creative than that, a better writer than that. So here goes.

I have settled on distinctive. If you have a better word please provide it, because man my eyes went cross eyed in the ‘d’ section of the dictionary and thesaurus! Distinctive happens to be an adjective that describes the features and characteristics that discern, or set apart one from the other.

I like the word distinctive because it reminds you to be yourself. Every one of us is different, and distinct from the other. From our DNA, to our fingerprints, to our style, voice, hair, skin, and attitudes. This is ok, this is the way it is supposed to be. Society and cultures try to compress us, to usher us into this conformity that we just cannot match. With technology abundant, and the media blazing like a fire into everyone’s homes, it is even more impressed upon us than before. This urgency to be just like everyone else breaks down what makes us so special. It breaks down what makes us distinctive from each other.

So go out there and be distinctive! Be YOU in all of your wonderous, different glory! 😀 While many people share the same views and habits, we are still all very distinct from the other! 😀

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