E is for Express

This is probably one of my favorite verbs! Express: to show, manifest, or reveal. Everyone has something to express, feelings, ideas, opinions, talent. Each expression lends a person power, the power to show the world, their community and culture who they are innately. Expression has a way of taking over, even if it is suppressed by a culture, religion or government.

Be Yourself!

From early on my parents always encouraged us to express ourselves, to be our own person. I took to this with gusto, wearing my pink tutu and playing my brothers drums when I was very young, to writing angst poetry as an adolescent, to formulating and critiquing myself and my words as a young woman. I have always rebelled against the suppression of creativity and individualism. From society, to my grandmothers view of what a woman’s duties are, I always assert my views and individuality. That is one thing that has been bugging me since moving in with my grandparents for the in between period: the fact that she still holds tight to the idea that a womans job is to be the one to do ALL the cleaning and home making. Sure I enjoy keeping house and decorating, but damn it all if I want equal I will get equal!

Oh goodness! What a change!

Expression is essential for people in a society like ours that expects you to all look the same. Many issues have arose because of this idealistic persona and look that we are to acheive. The suppression of our individuality forces us only to express what society wants us to. I believe that it is time to stand up and express ourselves the way we believe to be, instead of what others think you should be.

Do do do do it!

Go on, be yourself, express yourself! Jam out to whatever makes you YOU and enjoy it! 😀

2 thoughts on “E is for Express

  1. if she chooses to be that way, while he is doing his job, then that is ok, but she shouldn’t force their generation habits on you. It’s a new generation and the generation after us will also be way different than ours.

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