I is for Inspire


I feel that the internet today, especially social media, is flooded with some type of inspiring story of a person beating the odds against a struggle, that people become immune to the “inspiring” aspect of it. Does this mean the stories don’t mean anything? No, absolutely not. However, it may be a good signal for people to disconnect from social media a bit, and see who around them, or what, is inspiring to them.

Who around you is inspiring? Is it someone beating the odds against a disease, disorder, or trauma? Is it someone really great at an activity or job? Inspiration isn’t only sparked by those doing amazing things. What about watching your garden grow from seedlings, to full blooming flowers? Or the way an animal moving around your yard while you sip your coffee/tea in the morning? Maybe it’s the sound of a loved ones voice?

I find inspiration hits when I am in different moods, watching and listening to what and who is around me. When I am busy listening and observing, I find inspiration for a vast amount of topics. The inspiration isn’t just for writing though. My family inspires me to stay close with loved ones, to strive for honesty and authenticity in all I do, and stay true to myself. My hubsy inspires me to be gentler, kinder, softer, at times when I revert to harsh habits. He also inspires me to take better care of myself, physically and mentally, than I ever had done before. For me, it’s the odd, every day things, that inspire me to make better decisions, choices, and to think differently about things.

There is no wrong or right way to be inspired, no correct way of looking for what may strike you. Each person is inspiring on their own, by the daily choices they make to be better people, to be a part of their families and communities. Each day brings a new set of decisions and obstacles, and inspiration to get through each one can be different day by day. So find what inspires you. It may be different tomorrow, and some days you might not be inspired at all. That’s okay. It will come, as long as you keep your eyes, heart, and mind open, inspiration will come. You just have to let it. That’s the hard part.


Mrs. 305

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