K is for…

Knowledge. You thought I was going to write kindness. Everyone tells you to be kind, it should be inherent, not something you should be told…just do it.

But knowledge…now there is a word. Many would tell you that knowledge is power, and it is, if used properly, but that is not the aim of this post. I want to ask, “What about the lack of knowledge?”

Dictionary definition of Knowledge
Dictionary definition of Knowledge

Information is easily at our fingertips every day, the way we learn this information is evolving, as well as our attention spans and ability to retain that information. Yet are you comfortable admitting when you don’t know something? If you lack the knowledge of a particular subject, do you easily admit this, or hide it with hurried, half assed explanations? I think that because information is so readily available many people are hesitant to admit they do not know something. Instead wrong information is then perpetuated in trying to come across as intelligent or knowledgeable. Do the people around you recognize this, or are they just as lacking? Why is it so difficult to admit the lack of knowledge and be open to learning?

Not only that, but if we perpetuate incorrect information, in some situations, professions, this could be life threatening or fatal. Imagine how this could affect patients of a doctor or nurse who cheated through school to pass. Or a lawyer, police officer, soldier, teacher, care giver, etc. By remaining delusional of our own sense of knowledge we could hurt another person, accidentally.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Stephen Hawking

When we can admit a lacking in our knowledge, or nature, it gives us a distinct opportunity to not only learn something, but to grow in character and integrity. By doing this we show strength in what we do know, and what we are still willing to learn. No one person can know everything…unless you’re Google.

So here is a challenge:

If you don’t know, just admit it. I promise it will look good on you!



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