C is for Control

Control? Why control? Many people associate the word control with negative things, such as a control freak, or someone who is uptight, a perfectionist. Yet control is not always a negative word. In fact, taking control of certain things can be a positive change when done correctly. When life changes around you, you cannot control … Continue reading C is for Control

G is for Goals

Goals are important. They help you meet things in your life that mean something to you. They also help you to manage your time and resources wisely. I have met some of the following goals, but I find myself slipping sometimes when I get tired, angry, or sad. I no longer want to use excuses … Continue reading G is for Goals

Daddys Advice

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and spent the day eating good food and having great family conversations!!! I know I did! I was checking my e-mail this morning and had received one from my dad.  We both subscribe to Higher Awareness The Inner Journey articles about spirituality and growth, and sometimes my dad … Continue reading Daddys Advice